Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Insane Body in ‘Self’ Magazine, Negates ‘Cougar’ Label

J. Lo's 'Booty'
Jennifer Lopez's cover art for 'Booty' is exactly what you'd expect it to be.
When you’re as hot as Jennifer Lopez, dating younger men is quite honestly your only option, which is why the 45-year-old singer is over her “cougar” label.

The “Booty” songstress covers Self magazine’s January 2015 edition, looking absolutely incredible as she shows off her ripped stomach and toned body in several teeny tiny white outfits–proving older women are just as desirable as younger women.

“Enough with the clichés about women,” J. Lo says in the magazine. “We can date younger guys. It’s no big deal.”

She continues, arguing, “All the old clichés about women need to be undone.  Enough already. We’re in the other position now. We are desirable older, we can date younger guys and it’s not this big taboo. Men have been doing this for years, and it’s no big deal.”

Obviously, Lopez has also been doing it for years, too, dating younger men like Casper Smart and current rumored fling Makim Chmerkovskiy.

However, despite how headstrong she may be about the whole “cougar” thing, the singer is more focused on facing herself than facing her labels.  After being married three times and having gone through several breakups, Lopez is all about working on herself and challenging her fears.

“When you have that much pain, you have to anesthetize yourself in some ways. People do different things,” she tells Self. “Some go out and party and sleep around, but that’s just not my way. I found the comfort in someone else. That’s called being a love addict.”

So what did Lopez learn from her self-diagnosis? “When I face myself, I go, ‘You have a fear of really being on your own. So you know what? That’s what we’re gonna do right now.’ But it took me years to get there,” the singer admits. “So first it was learning to love myself. And then it was about facing my fears.”

In her latest film The Boy Next Door–which she executive produced–Lopez utilizes her lessons in love and heartbreak to play the role of a married teacher who has an affair with the boy next door.

“I can relate,” she admits about the film.  “I’ve been through divorce. I’ve been cheated on, just like every other girl in the world. So you sympathize, you understand the emotions. And I’ve dated a younger guy once in my life, so I could definitely understand that part, too—the attraction.”

But aside from acting, producing, singing, judging American Idol and raising a family, J. Lo’s No. 1 goal right now is to focus on herself.

“I want to prove to everyone that I can do everything and be superwoman,” she confesses before adding, “BUt I have to take time for myself.”