WATCH: Justin Timberlake Cries on Stage

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JT's Biggest Fan
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Justin Timberlake isn’t one to hide his emotions in his line of work. He writes emotional songs, creates emotional videos and can even brings out the tears when it comes to his acting career.  But we’ve never seen him get this emotional during a performance…

The “Mirrors” singer couldn’t help but get choked up when a 10-year-old boy offered him a birthday gift on-stage during a show at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn over the weekend, telling him that he’d been a fan since he was just 2-years-old.

Timberlake was absolutely overwhelmed by the gift, which was a bow tie in honor of JT’s hit song “Suit and Tie,” and couldn’t hold back the tears when he saw the boy crying, too.

“Hey man, greatest gift ever,” JT told the little guy.  “Because a gentleman can never have too many ties.”

The 33-year-old had to walk to the back of the stage for a second to wipe off his eyes, but came back to leave the die-hard fan with a sweet gift of his own.

“I might have to wear that on Christmas day!  I love you, kiddo,” he said, wiping more tears.  “Shit, that got me.  You’re the coolest dude here.”


Watch the adorable moment play out in the video above!