Did Prince William Just Diss Kate Middleton’s Hair?!

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Shots fired!

When a balding Prince William paid a private visit to homeless charity Centrepoint this week, the royal was overheard cracking jokes to a trainee hairdresser named Angel during a mentoring session. The second-to-the-throne — or whom British tabloids have dubbed the “hairless heir” — reportedly told the young girl that she should try styling Kate Middleton’s “nightmare hair.” Gasp! 

Though the Duchess of Cambridge, whose signature brunette locks are tended by Amanda Cook Tucker, was not present to hear the little jab, we assume the she would’ve side-eye the hell out of the comment because — let’s face it — at least she has hair. 

In the past, William himself had joked about his own receding hairline. When asked about how his son, Prince George, was doing, William told reporters that he’s god his wife’s great looks and “way more hair than me, thank God.”

Thank God, indeed.

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