Seth Rogen Checking Out Amid ‘The Interview’ Cancellation Leads Today’s Star Sightings

'Interview' Reactions
Celebs react to the cancellation of 'The Interview' amid Sony hack.
With his public appearance canceled and his movie officially pulled from theaters, a somber-looking Seth Rogen was seen checking out of the Mercer Hotel in New York City on Wednesday.

Sony Pictures Entertainment, the production company behind the actor’s latest flick, recently announced that it will not be releasing The Interview on Christmas Day after a hacker group threatened to attack any cinemas showing the comedy about North Korea.

Earlier this month, Sony faced a massive security breach in which confidential files, including the social security numbers and salary information pertaining to thousands of past and present employees, were leaked online by an anonymous collective called the Guardians of Peace. Aside from uploading internal emails exchanged between production staffers, the unnamed cyber terrorists also released numerous never-before-seen Sony movies online.

The word is still out if Sony plans to release The Interview through an on-demand format. For now, launch the gallery above for more star sightings of the day.