16 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Anyone on Your List

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We’ve got you covered when it comes to the techies in your life.  We already made some yummy picks for the food lovers on your list.  We checked off everything a guy or a fashionista could ever long for.  And we even suggested some gifts that give back!

But it still feels like we’re missing something very, very important for Christmas morning…


From phone cases to undies, a pill that helps prevent you from getting hungover to a mini emergency kit for your bestie’s morning after, we’ve got you covered when it comes to stocking stuffers! Check it out:

1. Cheeky Mug.  I mean, what friend wouldn’t want to sip her tea out of this adorable tea cup, which in case you can’t see, reads “hot mess.” A.K.A. it’s perfect.

2. Nail Tattoos.  How adorable are these nail tattoos?  All you do is peel and stick ’em on your nails for an adorable touch to your manicure.

3. Earbuds.  Everyone needs a good pair of earbuds for traveling, work or exercising.  I love that these are pink and embellished with little flowers.  So cute!

4. Statement Necklace.  No girl can ever have enough jewelry, and this statement necklace is the perfect addition to her collection!

5. Customized Shirt App.  M Tailor has created the COOLEST app for guys.  It uses their selfie and measurements to make a shirt fully customized to their exact body shape.

6. Sports Bra.  Whether she works out or not, every girl needs at least one good sports bra.  I love the color of style of this one from Vimmia!

7. Custom Name Ring.  Any accessories embellished with a name are always a good call for a gift.  These name rings from Ivy Diamond Cole are big winners amongst many celebrities like Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis, Reese Witherspoon and more!

8. Fun Earrings.  A good pair of standout earrings are a MUST for a woman’s jewelry collection.  Made from bamboo, these The Other Labs earrings are inspired by science, nature and math–you know, for the really smart friend in your life!

9. Mini Emergency Kit.  Sometimes life happens and you end up in a random man’s bedroom about to do the dirty, but you don’t even have a toothbrush to get rid of the hint that you ate garlic french fries earlier in the night.  Cue: The Minimergency kit.  Everyone should have one. Always. (Because you never know).

10. A Sexy Pair of Undies.  Everyone loves underwear… Especially underwear you that makes you feel like a sex goddess.  These will please any woman!

11. Chic Socks.  Because if you’re going to spend a day in sweats, eating ice cream out of the carton, at least your socks will look good!

12. Vodka Coconut Water.  Yes. You read that right.  Vodka + Coconut water = buzzed AND hydrated.  Alessandra Ambrosio is a big fan of this new fad, and I’ll bet your party-hardy friends will be too!

13. Never Hungover.  Speaking of partying hard, nothing will make your friend more appreciative than a bottle of these bad boys to ring in 2015.  No one actually wants to spend New Years day on the couch because they can’t function from the amount of alcohol they consumed the night before.  Never Hungover can help cure that and thus start off their new year on the right foot!

14. Designer Phone Case.  Since we’re always on our phones, it’s imperative for a fashionista to have a phone case that is just as chic as she is! I’m obsessed with all of Kate Spade’s phone cases right now (I’ve already purchases two since buying my iPhone 6).

15. Conversational Beanie.  If your friend is a Mean Girls fan, this beanie would literally mean everything to her.  (That’s why her hair is so big…)

16. Macaron Box.  I literally have no idea why anyone would use these little Macaron boxes, but they were too adorable not to include!