This Guy’s Photo Booth Proposal is So Sweet Your Teeth Will Hurt

500-Mile Proposal
Apparently, this man walked more than 500 miles to make a proposal video.
As far as proposals go, the one you’re about to see is creative, classic and so not over-the-top. 

Kevin Moran is the genius that decided to pop the question to Molly McGinnis, his girlfriend of seven years, in a photo booth.

The whole thing happened on their anniversary and of course, there was a video recording (along with the super duper cute photo booth photos).

The proposal video has been making the rounds, as videos like this do, thanks to Kevin’s Reddit post. Even Molly’s taken a stab at commenting on the popular thread.

Want more sweet? The two are high school sweethearts.

And that’s your feel good story of the day. Congrats, Kevin and Molly!

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