Kim Jong-un’s Death Scene From ‘The Interview’ Leaks Amid Movie’s Cancellation

'Interview' Reactions
Celebs react to the cancellation of 'The Interview' amid Sony hack.
What’s the best way to fight cyber terrorism? Another security breach, apparently.

The hackers may have stopped The Interview from being released in theaters, but the American public are still going to find a way to watch it. Amid news that Sony Pictures Entertainment have pulled the Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy to appease hacking group Guardians of Peace after being threatened with 9/11-like attacks, one crucial scene from the flick — specifically, one involving North Korea’s leader — have ironically leaked online.

In essence, here’s your chance to see a fake Kim Jong-un burn in a fiery death while an acoustic version of Katy Perry’s “Firework” plays on.

And to prove just how fast information spreads, GIFs of the scene have already been made.