12 Days of Celebmas: 6 Geese-A-Laying

Eva Talks Ryan!
The actress gets candid about Ryan's role as a father and beau!
It’s day six of the 12 Days of Celebmas and we’re pretty sure you will enjoy this assortment of 6 Geese-A-Laying!

To make your holidays just a tad bit merrier, we have created a gallery full of pictures of hunky actor Ryan Gosling. Get it? Geese-lay, Gosling? Close enough, right ladies!?

There’s always a good reason to look at photos of Eva Mendes’ beau, as he even is eluding a certain new daddy glow these days!

As a child on the Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club, it’s not a far stretch that the 34-year-old actor turned out to be a full-blown sex symbol and movie star.

You can check him out in the upcoming 2016 crime thriller ‘The Nice Guys’ where he plays a private eye investigating a possible suicide of a 1970’s porn star. So you don’t have to wait until then, check out the gallery above showing off the Canadian actor looking handsome in all sorts of styles.

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