Nicole Richie’s 6-Year-Old Daughter’s Clothes Fit Her, What James Franco Has Been Up To: A Roundup

Nicole Richie Wears 6-Year-Old Daughter Harlow’s Shag Coat, Bethenny Frankel-Style

Nicole Richie looked slim and polished in a fashionable beige shag coat this week — thanks to her 6-year-old daughter Harlow. The designer quipped in an Instagram photo on Wednesday, Dec. 17, that she rummaged through her little one’s closet before heading out to a red carpet event. See the pic on Us Weekly.

Things James Franco Has Been Doing Since Sony Pulled The Interview

Franco (or “Flacco,” if you’re Obama telling the nation that Sony made a “mistake”) has been a busy boy. The actor/writer/director/poet hasn’t let Sony’s decision — which could set a deeply troubling precedent for future films and freedom of expression — slow him down. The Huffington Post has the rundown.

Giant Men Meet Tiny Kittens

“Giant men” visited the Kitty Bungalow Charm School For Wayward Cats, a rehabilitation center for feral kittens in the Los Angeles area, and really didn’t seem to know what to expect. Watch the adorable video on Aww Cute LOL.

Holiday Movie Stars: Then & Now!

Some of these stars have gone on from their holiday classics to fame, fortune, and even some Oscar nominations. Click through the gallery to see what movies celebs like Zooey Deschanel and Taylor Momsen starred in! See the photos on Us Weekly.

14 Movies That May Not Have Made it to Theaters Today

Sony relented to North Korea’s demands to pull the release of The Interview, begging the question has Hollywood really been silenced by an insecure despot? See the list of films on Fox News.

J.J. Abrams & The Crew of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Give Their Thanks This Holiday Season

A Thank You video from Abrams and the cast and crew of Episode VII has just been released. As you can see above, this fun video features mostly crew members from the set of The Force Awakens … as well as a pair of beloved Star Wars characters … and Abrams himself See the video on Pink is the New Blog.