Kim Kardashian and Her Cleavage Join Kanye West in the Studio

Kim explains why she cropped North out of her selfie.
Far from what they allow in conservative “omish” communities, Kim Kardashian’s latest round of casual wear puts the rest of our wardrobes to shame. Oh, and Kanye was there too looking equal parts somber and dapper.

It’s kind of awesome how sexy Kim makes a sleek suit look and even more sweet how close the couple is even if they aren’t hand-in-hand like a certain moustachioed young actor is like to do.

The snaps were taken Saturday morning in Hollywood as the pair made their way into a recording studio. Whether or not Kanye was working on new music isn’t clear, but it’s interesting to hypothesize at what Kim might be doing at his side.

Check out all of the pics from this morning’s walk and get a good look at Kim’s clothed assets before they go and make themselves known again.