Madonna Pulls a Beyonce, Releasing Six New Songs in Response to Leak of ‘Rebel Heart’

Britney Spears' manager dishes on that infamous VMA moment.
We’ll eventually get to a point when the release of new music minus the fanfare is just the way things are. But until that happens it’ll keep being a surprise when someone like Madonna drops six new songs without so much as a warning.

And that’s exactly what Madge did Friday, following the leak of her much anticipated next album last week.

It’s been just  three days since the Queen of Pop thanked her Instagram followers for not listening to the stolen demos she claimed weren’t ready for human consumption.

“Thank you for not listening! Thank you for your loyalty! Thank you for waiting and if you have heard please know they are unfinished demos stolen long ago and not ready to be presented to the world”

Well, she must have been closer to the finished thing than anyone expected, because you can officially preorder the newly titled “Rebel Heart” now and get six songs on your computer instantly.

The only warning fans got was the release of the album’s cover art, seen above, along with the message, “X-mas is coming early! Pre order my album and download 6 tracks! Happy Holidays! ❤️#rebelheart”

You’ll have to wait until March to hear the other 13 tracks still being kept close to Madonna’s chest. And with song titles like “Unapologetic Bitch,” “Illuminati” and “Bitch I’m Madonna,” it seems like the 56-year-old doesn’t plan on giving up her crown anytime soon.