That Time Harry Styles and Kristen Wiig Did Some ‘Dirty Dancing’

Drinks With Harry
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Those who appear on Saturday Night Live together, dance together.

Such was the case for Harry Styles and Kristen Wiig, the unlikely pair spotted busting some moves on the dance floor at an SNL after party over the weekend.

Thanks to social media, the world can watch Harry and Kristen put on their best Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey faces forever.

Here’s Harry leading his lady to the floor.

So the kid from @onedirection and Kristen Wiig got on a table and danced tonight at the SNL after party. So that's a thing.

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And here they are during the song/movie’s peak:

Mr. & Mrs. Claus @harrystyles #kristenwiig

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It’s safe to say these two are merely dance partners, but just to make things interesting, how’s “Karry” or “Hristen” for their celebrity couple nickname?

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[Lead photo courtesy of Instagram]