Nicki Minaj Slams Ex Boyfriend Safaree Samuels, Ignites Twitter Feud

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Nicki Minaj hasn’t been afraid to admit that her breakup with Safaree Samuels has had an overwhelming impact on her life–so much so that her latest album The Pinkprint is supposedly inspired by the heartbreak.

But after her ex boyfriend began tweeting about his pain, admitting her can’t listen to any of her interviews because “it hurts to much,” the female rapper’s emotions quickly turned from sadness to anger.

The 32-year-old female emcee took to Twitter (in posts that have since been deleted) over the weekend to slam Samuels saying, “Even when I try to protect ppl, they still try to take advantage of me. Haven’t u learned that God is in control? Stop while you’re ahead.”

She continued, “Anything you don’t appreciate will be taken. God sees your ungrateful evil soul. I gave and gave and gave. Threatening me? Blackmail? Jump. 30K watch the night my cousin was killed on the street like a dog. More than rappers. But it was never enough. Don’t make me. Too much love.”

While it’s still unclear where the “blackmail” comment stems from, Minaj went on to imply that Samuels wanted to start his own, separate career as a musician.

“Wanted fame. I gave u my blessing. I still love. I still love. I still love. I’ll always love. So disappointed,” she wrote, quoting lyrics from her “Pills N Potions” single. “Told u It was the wrong move. I sheltered and protected u for years. Loyal for years. Come on. Selling ids? Cuz I’m happy now? Disgusting. Add up them chains watches bracelets rings cars bikes trex’s babe. Stop spending money to floss on IG. that doesn’t last. Love lasts.”

When her ex caught wind of her tweets he was enraged, revealing that the female emcee had no respect for him in their relationship.

He fired back in responde, tweeting:  “im doing interviews about my s–t and s–t im promoting.. not 1 thing said im doing interviews about nicki. yall sound ridiculous,” he tweeted. “and speaking to some1 about pub and splits isnt blackmail. stop looking for pitty.. u handle your buisness why cant i? and its not Bout fame its about respect and youve had 0 for me the pass few years.the 0 respect u had for me at home had nothing 2do w/music.”

He added, “I’m dissapointed too.. ur doin something to me publicly that the public doesn’t know your doing but your the victim cuz ur famous.. smh. It’s so ridiculous that instead of hitting my phone u come on here.. i dnt kno what your talking about at alll!! i would never do that!!! were not 2gthr nemore im fine with that.but i’m not goin back m forth w/u on here.i cant believe were doin dis. we use 2 laugh at ppl 4 this.”

Ironically, Minaj also released a short film titled The Pinkprint Movie, which showcases the heartbreak she felt going through her relationship and eventual split from Samuels.

Check it out in the video below: