Apparently, Blake Lively Likes to Hang Out in Bed With Her Family for Seven Hours on Christmas Day

Blake on Baby's Gender
Blake Lively doesn't want to know what she's expecting.
It’s no secret Blake Lively loves the holidays.

In a new video for Gucci Premiere and The Kit, Mrs. Ryan Reynolds opens up about Christmas traditions, baking and of course, Gucci Premiere.

“It’s really about being with family,” the 27-year-old says in the clip, released this week. “So we never leave the house, we’re together all day, whether we’re making gingerbread houses or making cookies or sitting around watching movies or all piled out . . . I don’t know how my family . . . everybody gets into the same bed, somehow. We just spend seven hours a day altogether, just chatting.”

Can you imagine, Blake, her parents, her four siblings and Ryan Reynolds just chilling out in one giant bed all day long? What comes after California King?

The former Gossip Girl actress, who’s pregnant with her first child, also reveals her favorite holiday movie (just like us, she’s got more than one) and gift recommendations.

Watch the full interview, above.

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