Amanda Bynes is Off Her Meds, Acting ‘Normal’ and ‘Lucid’

Amanda's Future
Amanda Bynes says she wants to become a bartender.
Amanda Bynes is off all of her medication, according to reports.

It turns out, Bynes is acting “normal” and “lucid” right now. Get all of the details below!

It’s been a roller coaster of a year for Bynes. After displaying some very bizarre behavior, Bynes was admitted to the psychiatric hospital by her parents on Oct. 11. Bynes was released from the hospital less than three weeks later, and continued her bizarre behavior by sleeping on a couch in a Los Angeles mall.

But, it sounds like things are getting better for Bynes. According to TMZ, sources are saying that Bynes is acting “normal” right now and her parents are shocked. They’ve even said it’s “mind blowing.”

Bynes has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolarity, but people are saying that you wouldn’t know that by talking to her these days. It turns out, Bynes is even off of Adderall, which was what she was taking when she was arrested for DUI in September 2014.

As a result of her positive behavior, Bynes was given limited access to her bank accounts by her parents. Right now, Bynes is following doctors recommendations and spending her time doing yoga, meditating and reading, all of which help to reduce stress.

In addition, Bynes has even expressed interest in going to college at USC. This all sounds like very positive steps for Bynes.

But, doctors have reportedly told her family that while people with mental illnesses like Bynes’ can sometimes “rebound” and be okay for a period of time, they can also then relapse again.

Bynes posted the photo below to Twitter yesterday. She captioned the photo, “Merry Christmas!”


It looks like Bynes has a new hair color. She just had purple hair and before that she was blonde. What do you think about this photo? What do you think about Bynes being off of her meds? Sound off in the comments!

Plus, we should also mention, Bynes recently compared herself to Britney Spears, who went through her own troubled times in 2007 and 2008. Let’s hope Bynes can continue on a positive path, just like Spears!

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