Drake Wants You to Know That He Doesn’t Cry a Lot, Gets His Mom to Defend Him

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The feels! Oh, the feels!
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Drake gets an emoji tattoo.
With so many memes these days poking fun at his sensitive side, Drake is on the defense and insists that you know that he’s just as hard and tough as any rapper out there.

In fact, he’s so concerned about proving to you that he’s not some emo kid who used to be on a Canadian TV show that he’s even enlisted his mom to show you that, like, he’s totally not a mama’s boy. At all.

“My mom on why people think I cry a lot,” Drake recently captioned a clip of his mom explaining why some people might think he’s a little emotional

“It’s not that you cry at all,” Drake’s mom, Sandi Graham, said in the video. “I’ve never seen you cry on stage or even when the two of us are just together.”

“They don’t think you cry,” she continued. “They would imagine that you would be a person that may cry because you are a sensitive soul.”

And there you have it. Because if there’s anything that can give you street cred, it’s an Instagram video of your mother talking about how much you actually cry, right?

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