EXCLUSIVE: Kristin Cavallari Dishes on her New Year’s Eve Beauty and Fashion Tips

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It’s almost New Year’s Eve! And aside from resolutions and starting off on a clean slate, all of us ladies have one very important question on our minds: what do we wear to make sure we look and feel our best on the big night?

Well, we decided to take note from one of Hollywood’s most fashionable ladies Kristin Cavallari.  Not only does she host her own fashion show on E! called The Fabulist, but this super mom also designs her own self-named shoe line for Chinese Laundry… So we figured she’d know what to do when it comes to dressing properly for NYE.

We asked her a few key questions about getting ready for the big night, and here’s what she had to say:

CELEBUZZ: What’s the most important part of dressing for the special night?

Kristin Cavallari: I love wearing something that makes a statement without being overly sexy or flashy. Everyone will be in super short, tight dresses so do something different. Standout with one statement piece, such as my Copertina glitter pumps from my Kristin Cavallari by Chinese Laundry collection.

CB: What should you think about when picking out your heels?

KC: You definitely have to take comfort into consideration. You will most likely be in your heels for a long period of time and hopefully dancing as well! My Celestial from Kristin Cavallari by Chinese Laundry heel is perfect..it has an ankle strap which makes it incredibly sexy but it’s not super high so your feet won’t be killing at the end of the night.

CB: What should you always do when applying makeup for the evening?

KC: I always do a couple things, but first I figure out what I’m going to wear, so I can do my makeup accordingly. After that, I put my eye makeup on first because shadow always falls on my face. Once they are done, I wipe off the extra shadow with a makeup wipe, and then I apply my foundation.

CB: To lipstick or not to lipstick if you plan to share a special kiss at midnight?

KC: Definitely lipstick! I’m more of a nude lipstick girl, so it’s not as big of a deal, but if you are a red girl, a kiss will be funny and something to laugh about when it gets all over your man.

CB: How do you keep your hair curled/styled all night long?

KC: I love Oribe dry texturizing spray. It gives volume with a nice hold. It will make you hair last all night.

CB: Do you have go-to accessories for glamorous evenings like New Years?

KC: I usually keep it simple and let my outfit do the talking. I tend to wear diamond studs with my wedding and engagement rings. I will wear a few simple layered rings on my other hand.

CB: What’s your go-to for New Years in order to feel refreshed and confident?

KC: Carlene K shine bronzer works wonders for your entire body. You will be tan in an instant. That always gives me a little boost of confidence in the middle of winter.

So there you have it! Hopefully you feel confident in making sure you look and feel your absolute hottest going into 2015! Good luck!