Mark Wahlberg Flashes his Butt on the Beach

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You know what they say… Sun’s out, bun’s out.

Mark Wahlberg has been spending his holidays soaking up the sun on the beach in Barbados with his smokin’ hot wife Rhea Durham and their three children.  But while the family photos are adorable, we can’t help but notice something a little less PG: Wahlberg’s booty!

While catching a few waves body surfing, Wahlberg’s shorts got pulled down so when he emerged from the ocean, he gave the beach and onlooking photogs a view of his behind!

The full moon was definitely a pleasant sight to see alongside the already beautiful picture of the Entourage producer’s chiseled body, but his wife gave him a run for his money!  She looked amazing in a red two-piece bikini, showing off her toned tummy, too.

The couple was caught exchanging some kisses and holding hands as they hung out on the beach.

Launch the gallery above to see more photos of Wahlberg and Durham.