Chris Evans Visits Cancer Patient in Hospital, Proves He’s a Superhero in Real Life

Actor Chris Evans made Kenny Botting day and then some.

Botting is a nine year old from Connecticut who is battling a brain tumor, who is currently residing at Christopher’s Haven, a center that provides a home away from home for kids battling cancer and receiving treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital next door.

Chris is Kenny’s favorite action hero and was definitely thrilled about the visit from the Captain America actor.

Chris Evans with Kenny

Evans is in town for an event on Friday (Jan. 2, 2015) at baseball venue Fenway Park to help raise money for the facility, and before attending the fundraiser, Evans decided to surprise superfan Kenny.

The action star took pictures with Kenny and his family, signed autographs, distributed gifts, and even let Kenny tie him up in a chair.

Chris said of the visit, “It’s their strength that gives me strength. No matter what hurdles are in my life it’s nothing compared to what these families go through, so any way I can bring a smile it’s worth it.”

Botting was overwhelmed by Evans’ visit, and simply said, “I am more than happy. I just want to say thanks for coming.”

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