‘Elle U.K.’ Editor-In-Chief Defends Kim Kardashian’s Success: She ‘Should be Applauded’

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Kim Kardashian was the stunning cover star of Elle U.K.‘s January Issue, also known as the “Confidence Issue”.

Many questioned the publications decision to feature Kim, who’s perhaps the greatest reality TV star our world has seen, a women whose name makes tabloid headlines daily, and who has literally built her empire of fame from the ground up.

Lorraine CandyElle U.K.‘s Editor-in-Chief, wrote a brilliant editor’s letter for the January 2015 issue, coming to Kim Kardashian’s defense and upholding the all-important message of supporting, not tearing down, other women.

In part, she wrote:  

For me, confidence is about finding your voice and making it heard. This is not about shouting louder, or indeed judging those women who feel the need to do so; it’s about finding out how to persuade yourself you can achieve whatever you want to. This issue doesn’t have all the answers, far from it, but it does explore the challenge and will hopefully inspire you to defeat the negative thoughts holding you back.

After discussing her own experiences and self-confidence, she stated:

If you have found your confidence, it is important you support other women as they find theirs. As we put this Confidence Issue together and news of Kim Kardashian West’s place on its cover was leaked, I noted some people questioning our choice, querying Kim’s credentials as a successful woman and ours as a feminist magazine. I wish women would not judge other women in this critical way. Everyone is entitled to their opinion; but for me, Kim’s success should be applauded, not sneered at or, indeed, denigrated. She is the perfect face for an issue devoted to self-belief. She has built a staggeringly influential business empire and inspired many young women to be more confident about their bodies. And let us remember, no one woman can embody all the hopes, beliefs and ideals of everywoman.

It would be great to recognise the value of what each of us does individually rather than continually comparing ourselves – and then illogically deciding somehow we don’t measure up. I think ‘if she can do it, I can too’ is a better approach, and I hope that when we next carry out a survey on womanhood, we can rely on you to sow the seeds of a revolution in self-belief. How liberating would that feel?

Elle U.K. published three different covers of Kim Kardashian, dubbing her “one of the most influential woman in the world”.