Justin Bieber Didn’t Buy a Private Plane for Christmas After All

Like us plebs, Justin Bieber’s Instagram life is far more lavish than his actual life.

As it turns out, the private plane that the Canadian crooner was gushing about on Christmas morning was a rental. According to TMZ, the G4, which is currently for sale on the market, was only chartered by Bieber for a flight from Canada to the United States.

Previously, Bieber showed off the plane’s plush interior on his Instagram, writing, “Merry Christmas she’s a beauty.”

And this wasn’t the first time Biebs posted photos of someone else’s swanky property. In April, the 20-year-old snapped a photo of a $2 million car claiming it was “[his] first Bugatti” before it was revealed by super sleuths that the luxury car was actually a loan from rapper Birdman.