Watch: Justin Bieber Fails to Do Skateboard Tricks, Wipes Out

Biebs' Skateboarding Pics
See how well Justin Bieber does on the skateboard ramp.
Bieber Skateboards
Cops called after Justin Bieber skateboards into traffic.
In case you haven’t heard, Justin Bieber likes skateboarding.

In fact, he’s so insistent on you knowing about his mad skateboarding skills that he has taken to closing down a public sidewalk staircase — you know, the ones that plebs like you and I use to get to our jobs because we don’t have chauffeurs to drive us around — just so he can attempt to do a couple of sick ollies.

While recently visiting New York City, the singer had his security block off an entire walkway so he could practice a few tricks in front of a live audience. In video footage captured that same fateful day, Biebs was seen struggling to jump down a set of steps multiple times, even falling flat on his butt a few times as fangirls and pedestrians who were stuck in the area alike reluctantly cheered him on.

When he finally landed the trick, the 20-year-old scurried off away to his awaiting fleet of cars before yelling to the crowd, “That’s all I needed!”

Keep it up, Bieber! We’re, like, so glad you could inconvenience our day so you can pretend you’re Tony Hawk!!