Matthew McConaughey Discourages Tree Hugging in New Trippy Lincoln Ads

Matthew's Speech
Matthew McConaughey delivers an epic speech to the Texas Longhorns.
Matthew McConaughey has returned in a new series of ads for Lincoln, specifically the Lincoln MKZ and MKZ Hybrid. Let the parodies begin!

In the ad “Balance,” McConaughey is seen in Griffith Park in front of the L.A. skyline while pondering the MKZ Hybrid’s balance of beautiful design and fuel efficiency. Urban and rural imagery, nicely juxtaposed, underscores the idea that luxury car buyers need not compromise on style to be environmentally responsible.

“It’s not about huggin’ trees,” McConaughey says in the video while driving at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. “It’s not about bein’ wasteful, either. You just got to find that balance, for takin’ care of yourself takes care of more than … just yourself. That’s the sweet spot.”

“The overwhelming response to the MKC campaign sparked truly great awareness for Lincoln,” said Andrew Frick, group marketing manager Lincoln. “Matthew’s natural storytelling ability perfectly complements the Lincoln story as we continue to raise awareness and drive conversation in creative and unexpected ways.”

What do you think about Matthew’s new ads? Just plain weird or marketing genius? Share your thoughts in the comments below.