Instant Follow Friday: Get Bangerz With Miley Cyrus’ Strange and Personal Instagram

Miley's BF
Miley calls Patrick Schwarzenegger best boyfriend ever!

This week’s Instant Follow Friday is dedicated to the weirdly cool pop star Miley Cyrus, because her singing talent is almost upstaged by her Instagram game.

Although her feed doesn’t feature any pics of hottie boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger, she does have a wicked sense of meme humor and slew of naked bed selfies that kind of make up for it.

Miley definitely had an interesting year, including nabbing a Kennedy who gave her an awesome pizza printed onesie for Christmas. So what will 2015 bring for the 22-year-old Bangerz star?!

Either way, we have a compilation of some of Miley’s best Instagram moments: selfies (sometimes in bed, naked), pics expressing her rather unique personality (costumes, wigs, glitter, um, there’s a lot more to to see and say), and plenty of LOL worthy memes, edited fan photos and her tongue! Even some pics of her hottie brother, Braison Cyrus.

Check out the gallery above for the best of Miley’s Instagram.

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These are some of Miley’s best tweets…