Kim Kardashian Attempts to Thwart Plastic Surgery Rumors, Fails

Kim's Butt Evolution
A look back at Kim Kardashian's booty through the years.
Just like she really wants everyone to think she’s never had any type of surgery on her butt, Kim Kardashian is now attempting the impossible: trying to prove she’s never had plastic surgery on her face!


No, but seriously. The 34-year-old reality star shared what she thinks it an awesome side-by-side photo of her 7-year-old self with herself today, as if to say, “Look! Nothing’s change!”  But we all know a lot has changed.

She captioned the masterpiece, “Love this side by side of me when I’m 7 and me now.”

First of all, there’s no way she posted this mismatched piece of work because she thought it was just so good.  We all know she’s trying to tell us she hasn’t changed a bit since being a kid… Which isn’t fair to all the ladies out there who haven’t had any work done.

Here’s the reason Kim looks so good for her age: BOTOX, baby!  But let’s be clear, though she looks good, she looks NOTHING like she did even just five years ago.

The mother-of-one also shared a separate side-by-side image of herself and baby North West.  She added, “I’m not sure who made this but I love these side by side pics. This is me on the right as a baby and North on the left.”

Kim continues to say that Nori is her little “mini me,” loving fashion just as much as her mommy.  The 1-year-old tot reportedly has a stylist to help get her ready for all of her outings.