Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel Secretly Divorced

Idina Menzel has finally “Let it Go” with Taye Diggs.

The pair have officially secretly divorced, since nearly after a year since they separated.

TMZ reports that Idina and Taye split in December 2013, but that nothing officially happened until November 2014 when Taye filed for a quickie divorce in New York.

It didn’t take very long, as the divorce was finalized on December 3rd, so TMZ speculates that they had their assets and child custody taken care of in the interim of their separation.

Taye and Idina have one child together, Walker (5-years-old), and had been married for 10 years.

As far as their relationship now goes, TMZ writes that

A source connected to the couple says the break-up has been as amicable as these things can be … and they’ve both remained committed to raising their son together and peacefully.

Menzel was recently at the center of controversy for her performance of hit Frozen song “Let it Go” in Times Square for New Year’s Eve, having trouble with the high note at the end and receiving backlash for her performance.

She tweeted back at her haters, saying in part “I am more than the notes I hit.”