Benedict Cumberbatch Cares More About ‘Sherlock’ Than His Own Wedding

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Fret not, Sherlock fans. Your hero is here for you.

Despite just recently getting engaged to award-winning theater director Sophie Hunter, Benedict Cumberbatch wants to sure you that he cares more about the upcoming season of his hit BBC series than picking out flowers and china patterns with his fiancée.

While attending the Palm Springs International Film Festival with his wife-to-be over the weekend, the actor told PopSugar that he’s in no rush to start the wedding planning process while filming is going on.

“One thing at a time,” he said. “I’m playing Sherlock now — just about to start — so my main focus is going to be on that.”

Acting alongside co-star Martin Freeman once again, Cumberbatch will reprise his role as the titular sleuth on Sherlock in the show’s fourth season. The series is set to return in 2015 with a special while new episodes will air in 2016.