Brad Pitt Leads Sing-A-Long to Pronounce David Oyelowo’s Name

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Apparently if it weren’t for Brad Pitt, not many people would know how to pronounce Selma actor David Oyelowo.

Taking the stage at Saturday night’s (Jan. 03, 2015) Palm Springs Film Festival, Pitt decided it was high time we knew how to pronounce Oyelowo’s name, especially considering he was about to head up to the podium to accept the breakthrough performance award.

“I know that there is one lingering question in the back of your minds,” Pitt informed the audience. “It’s a fundamental question. I think it’s only fair that we air it out tonight. And that question is: how the hell do you pronounce his name?”

After proceeding to spell it out slowly, he added, “In situations like this I’ve found it sometimes helps to sing it,” before embarking upon a musical rendition.

“You know you’ve broken through when Brad Pitt sings your name,” Oyelowo joked afterwards as he accepted his award.

Watch it all go down in the video below. Launch the gallery to see more pics of Brad and David at the event.