Bradley Cooper Answers Whether or Not He Dated Taylor Swift

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The rumors surrounding Taylor Swift and who she is/isn’t dating are never going to end… But at least we can clear up a few while we continue along the long road of speculation.

Last year a story developed that the country-turned-pop crooner allegedly sought a relationship with Bradley Cooper, only to be turned down without a returned phone call.  However, the American Sniper actor has a completely different story…

“It’s complete horse shit!” he told Howard Stern during an interview Tuesday morning.  “I never got a call. Nothing.”

But of course the controversial Stern couldn’t help but pressure Cooper into fantasizing about the idea of dating Swift, asking whether or not he’d pick up the phone if she called.  He even added, “It would seem like a great power couple.”

The 40-year-old actor, who celebrated the milestone birthday yesterday during a hilarious appearance with Jimmy Fallon, laughed off the concept and asked Stern why he envisioned such a thing.

“I can tell physically you would make beautiful children together,” the host replied.

Stern also added that Cooper is a young guy and dating a 23-year-old isn’t too young (even though Swift is now 25)… Little does he know the American Hustle actor is already heavily involved with a 23-year-old, Suki Waterhouse!  So I don’t think age is an issue when it comes to a possible Braylor connection.

Meanwhile, Waterhouse and Cooper keep a very low profile when it comes to their romance.  The couple was last spotted together in November.