Chris Soules and ‘The Bachelor’ Recap: 12 Things You Missed

The Bachelor is back in a big way, and this season looks like it’s going to be better than ever.

After watching the premiere last night,  we learned that, though Chris Soules is pretty damn hot, he leaves little to be desired with his personality.  Luckily, the contestants this season more than make up for it with their, er, eclectic styles and characteristics.

From virgins to drunks, dance teachers to sports fishing enthusiasts, the vast array of personalities that makeup the 30 (now 24) women in season 19 of The Bachelor leave no leaf unturned, and if last night was just a sneak peek into that, we’ve got quite the adventure ahead!

The premiere provided us with some answers about previous couples and where they’re currently headed, but it left us hanging with some questions about what’s to come with Soules.

Launch the gallery above to read the full recap–including pig noses, dirty jokes, a whole lot of awkwardness and more!