Ew! WTF Happened to Farrah Abraham’s Lips?!

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With a nose job, chin implants and two boob jobs,Farrah Abraham is definitely not one to shy away from plastic surgery… But it looks like the growing amount of procedures has gotten her into some major trouble once again.

The 23-year-old former Teen Mom star is paying the price for artificially enhancing her image, suffering a horribly botched lip injection procedure that has her looking like a real-life cartoon character.

Abraham took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to share a photo of the horrible mishap, showing her shockingly massive lips from two different angles and giving us all that little feeling of “I’m going to hurl” deep in our stomachs. “Girlfriends, don’t say I didn’t warn ya! #Bothced California #ER #fixit,” she writes.


However, the scandalous star managed to have a sense of humor about the whole thing, sharing another photo comparing herself to a Futurama cartoon character.

Hopefully her new married boyfriend can help her out, but Abraham hasn’t let procedural problems stop her from going under the knife before.  In fact, she feels so confident about her transformation, she even admits she’ll allow her daughter to get plastic surgery if she wants in the future.

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