Lena Dunham Explains How She Feels Less ‘Gross’ Being a Celebrity

On nudity
Lena Dunham talks getting naked and being mistaken for a prostitute on Ellen
As ELLE’s February “Women in TV” cover star, Lena Dunham looked amazing in Saint Laurent and spoke about the baggage that comes with fame, and of course, her hit TV show Girls (of which she is the creator, writer, and star).

The Golden Globe winning 28-year-old looked super high fashion, showing that she’s comfortable both on-screen and in front of the camera.

Lena’s been catapulted from a quirky TV star to a full-fledged culture critic, using her voice and influence to comment on issues like gay marriagevoting for Planned Parenthood’s Women are Watching campaign (which she went topless for, no less), and more.

Since she’s in the spotlight constantly (whether it’s for what she said on Twitter, what she wrote in her memoir, or for being BFF’s with Taylor Swift), Lena told ELLE how she came to deal with living in the public eye, and scrutiny.

I realized early on that I was not going to be able to have a comfortable relationship with celebrity if I didn’t feel like I was using it to talk about things that were important to me. It was always going to make me feel gross, for lack of a better word. I was like, ‘Oh, this attention is something I’m going to figure out how to use in a way that feels productive, healthy, and smart. And not just like as an excuse to collect handbags.’ Although, I love handbags.

Dunham is currently dating fun. lead guitarist, Jack Antonoff. The cute couple were alleged to be engaged, just in the past week! Lena squashed those rumors though, saying “I also just want to say that if we were going to get engaged, we would be more creative than to do it on New Year’s Eve. You don’t want to be basic.”

ELLE editor-in-chief, Robbie Myers, commented that “There really is nobody just like Dunham…she’s a really good actress: convincing, revealing, funny, and often heartbreaking in portraying a voice of her generation.”

She added, “It’s extraordinary to be able to watch a polymath at the start of what will be a life of incredible influence on the way women are understood and apportioned power, and to be with her simply as a fan and supporter of what she has and will have to say.”

Despite haters and critics, Dunham’s success is relentless. Lena and co. with be at this weekend’s Golden Globe awards with two nominations, for Best TV Series, Comedy or Musical, and Best Actress in a Comedy Series for Dunham. Plus, Girls has been renewed for a 5th season! So get used to Hannah Horvath now or never.

Finally, don’t miss the season 5 premiere of Girls this Sunday, January 11th, at 9pm on HBO!


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