Rob Kardashian’s Instagram Finally Has Picture Uploads…From Kim and Khloe

Sock designer Rob Kardashian is now a onesie designer
Uh-oh! Rob Kardashian left his smartphone alone, and his sisters pulled a practical joke on him! Kim and Khloé sent some very public message to brother Rob via his own Instagram, hacking his account to our delight.

Giving him a little advice and a lot of pizazz to his otherwise defunct Instagram account, Kim and Khloé inaugurated Rob’s account with a bunch of humorous, gorgeous selfies.

Check them out before he deletes the pics, and see what Kim had to say about Rob’s juicy text messages!

Exhibit A:

Since Rob doesn't post selfies I think I should! He might delete them soon since he's a tweeter and deleter

A photo posted by ROBERT KARDASHIAN (@robkardashian) on

Kim throws a little bit of shade, calling Rob a “tweeter and deleter”!

Exhibit B:

Koko take over

A photo posted by ROBERT KARDASHIAN (@robkardashian) on

Kan Koko takeover our Instagrams?

Rob leads an incredibly private lifestyle, largely unseen by the public eye – a total dichotomy from his entire family who are largely seen and talked about at any second during the day.

So when Kim and Khloé uploaded these sweet pics to his Instagram, it’s almost like we got a little piece of Rob, whom we love and miss. Khloé and her younger brother, who now live together, have always been super close, sometimes borderline (and jokingly) incestuously.

Just recently, it was speculated that Khloé was trying to have Rob evicted! Khloé took to twitter to debunk the false rumors, saying:

Khloé and Kim both shared three photos, meaning Rob now has a grand total of six on his Instagram! Quite incredible that he had zero photos before, and yet still had almost two and a half million followers.

Check out the entire gallery above to see what Kim and Khloé had to share to Rob’s followers!

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