SURPRISE! Ludacris Got Married the SAME Day he Proposed

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We were all tricked into thinking Ludacris just popped the question when he got engaged to his girlfriend Eudoxie at the end of December, but little did we know he ALSO got married… On the VERY, SAME day. (Ludacris, right?)

The rapper’s now wife shared several photos on Instagram of the proposal, revealing that Luda swooped his girl in a private jet and wrote “Will you marry me” across a field below them.  However, what Eudoxie didn’t unveil was the wedding that happened that night!

According to TMZ, Ludacris took his longtime girlfriend out to dinner at a restaurant in Georgia after their engagement, and when she returned home, there was a wedding dress–which his mom picked out–draped over a piece of furniture.

Though the whole thing was a big surprise to Eudoxie, she was up for it! They got married right then and there with a few friends and family members by their side.  Luda took to Instagram Tuesday to share the first photo from the ceremony, captioning the sweet pic appropriately: “Why wait? Did the thing before 2015.#mrandmrsrbridges.”

Meanwhile, a source tells E! News, “It was a beautiful wedding.  The wedding was small and only close friends and family were in attendance. Ludacris was so thrilled to be getting married and filled with such love for his lady. He was a bit nervous when it was happening but in a very good kinda way.”

A day to two after the shotgun wedding, the couple fled to Costa Rica for their honeymoon.

Eudoxie also shared a few photos of special day to her account Tuesday, saying, “Great way to go into the new year!”