Miley Cyrus Parodies Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad in New Instagram Photo

Miley's BF
Miley calls Patrick Schwarzenegger best boyfriend ever!
Miley Cyrus is getting very close with Justin Bieber in a new Instagram photo!

But, don’t worry Selena Gomez, it’s just a parody of Bieber’s Calvin Klein advertisement! Bieber was announced as the face of Calvin Klein this week, and shirtless pictures of him appeared online. So, someone decided to replace the face of the model in the ad with Cyrus’ face. Check out the picture below!

Bieber shows a lot of skin in the new Spring 2015 ad campaign for Calvin Klein. He goes shirtless and gets very close with the model in the photos, Lara Stone.

Cyrus is known for posting parody pictures on Instagram, remember when she posted that picture recreating Kim Kardashian’s Paper magazine photo? Hilarious!

On her Instagram, Cryus often repost things that people create of her. One person decided to replace model Stone’s face with Cryus’ face in the Calvin Klein ad. Cyrus must’ve seen the photo and liked it because she reposted it on her own Instagram account! Check out the picture below!

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