Nicole Kidman’s Awkward First Date With Jimmy Fallon

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Nicole Kidman appeared on The Tonight Show Tuesday (January 6) to promote her new film Paddington…but her and Jimmy Fallon could not ignore the elephant in the room: that they once had an extremely awkward, but cute, encounter – which for Nicole was actually a blind date with the late night host!!

Nicole had a crush on Jimmy back when they were both single (she was on Bewitched and he was on SNL), and so their mutual friend set them up for a “hang”. Only problem was, Jimmy had literally no idea it was a “date”, so he appeared in a baseball hat and sweats, and later turned on a video game!

No doubt about it, but Jimmy blew it. Watch the video here!

Jimmy knew the story was embarrassing for him, but little did he know how embarrassed he would become. The funniest part about the story is that Jimmy was so oblivious to his “date” with the beautiful and charming Nicole, that he came to the realized on the spot as she told her version of the story during her interview!

Jimmy’s version of the story goes as: Nicole was with their mutual friend Rick, who called Jimmy up and said, “I have Nicole Kidman with me, and she wants to meet you for…maybe to be in Bewitched or something like that. I can be in your apartment in like, 10 minutes.”

“Okay…What do I do?” Jimmy asked, and Rick said, “I don’t know, just get some cheese and crackers or something.”

Jimmy commented, obviously bewildered, “Cheese and crackers…? I don’t have dinner parties, I don’t have anyone over to my house. I have video games and sneakers”.

“What do you mean cheese?” he asked, and Rick told him “Get brie or something”.

“Brie? I don’t even know what that is!”

Nicole’s story, however, is a little different. She reveals, “I just remembered I liked you…oh not now, I’m married now,” to an incredulous Jimmy and gasps from the live audience!

“Wait, what’s going on?!” Jimmy asks.

“So Rick, our mutual friend, says, ‘Oh, Jimmy wants to meet you, and you can go over to his apartment, and …’ and I’m single and I’m like ‘Okay! Yeah, cool’.”

“Wait, what?! What are you talking about?! Did I date Nicole Kidman?!” Jimmy questions!

“So I go over though, and you’re there in a baseball cap, and like, nothing. And you wouldn’t talk, you didn’t say anything, you were like [makes grunting noises]. And I’m like, ‘Okay.'”

Jimmy replies, “I was very nervous! I didn’t know this was a thing.”

Nicole clarifies, “It was like a hang, it was meant to just, I don’t know…And then you put a video game on or something! And I’m like [makes face]. So bad!!”

At this point, Jimmy falls off his chair, absolutely horrified!

Nicole says, “It was bad! I swear, and you didn’t talk at all! And so after about an hour and a half, I thought, ‘He has no interest, this is so embarrassing.’ And I kind of left, and went, ‘Okay no chemistry’. And then I was like, ‘Maybe he’s gay?'”

“Wow did you make a good decision! I can’t believe I dated Nicole Kidman!” Jimmy says at the end. “Keith Urban is so much cooler than I am”.

Now both married with kids, they are shocked and embarrassed, barely able to keep eye contact with one another, and it’s hilarious!

Oh my, watch the rest of the video to see their “sexual chemistry” throughout their conversation on Paddington. 

Jimmy has since tweeted: