Paris Hilton Spends $25,000 On Two New Dogs

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When it comes to owning pets, no price tag is too high for Paris Hilton.

After dropping $13,000 on a teacup dog last September, the heiress is splashing out the big bucks again for two new puppies. According to TMZ, she has dropped $25,000 for two new Pomeranians at Betty’s Teacup Yorkies in Canada.

Hilton, 33, is keeping a female 3-month-old pooch weighing in at 6 oz. for herself, while she gifts her mother Kathy Hilton a 6-month-old, 12 oz. Pomeranian as a 35th wedding anniversary present.

“Just [email protected]_Hilton_The_Pom a new girlfriend [email protected] Obsessed!” Hilton captions a photo of her latest pup on her Instagram. “She is so tiny & amazing! What should I name her?”

Hey, when you make $347,000 an hour as a DJ, spending five-figures on a virtually weightless ball of fluff is nothing.

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