Fan Gets Caught Trying to Take Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s Picture: See the Hilarious Result!

Emma: 10 Facts
We bet you didn't know this about Ms. Emma Stone.
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfiled caught one fan trying to take their picture, and decided to pose for the photo.

Alejandra Garibay was trying to be sneaky and take Stone and Garfield’s photo, but the couple caught her! The resulting picture is just hilarious, check it out below!

While at dinner at Lure Fishbar in New York City this week, Stone and Garfield caught the attention of Garibay. Garibay wanted to take a photo of the couple without them noticing, but it didn’t work. The couple saw Garibay trying to take the photo, and instead of getting annoyed or angry, they decided to pose for the picture!

Garibay posted the picture to Instagram with the caption, “Ok, so… either I caught a great moment between #AndrewGarfield & #EmmaStone or I clearly got caught and I am officially FIRED as a paparazzi… ? #oops”


LOL, such an awesome photobomb! We love them! What do you think about this picture? Sound off in the comments!