Justin Bieber Got a Photoshopped Happy Trail for Calvin Klein Campaign

Bieber's' Hair Evolution
See Justin Bieber's hair through the years!
Oopsies! Looks like Justin Bieber isn’t as manly as Calvin Klein hoped he would be…

The 20-year-old singer is all about his new CK underwear campaign, showing off tons of shirtless pics from the project including a few with shirtless model Lara Stone.

However, the “Boyfriend” crooner seems to have been lacking in the hair department, as a comparison between his video and the photo ads from the campaign show some major photoshopping to his happy trail (or lack thereof).

In the video (see the screenshot above), Bieber is pretty much hairless in that area, looking completely smooth as he poses in his stuffed Calvins.

However, in the actual ad photos from the campaign, the singer is all of a sudden sporting a pretty good amount of hair down there, making him look less like a little boy–a win-win for both parties as it gives Bieber a fake boost of manliness and keeps the brand away from being slammed (again) for using super young, hairless models.

And for us?  We get a good laugh at Bieber’s continued inability to grow hair like a man.

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