Please Enjoy These Photos of Liam Hemsworth Being Ridiculously Good-Looking

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Leave it to Liam Hemsworth to make winter wear look good.

A Hunger Games star is looking all kinds of mighty fine in the latest issue of Esquire Middle East. Though he’s unfortunately clothed, the 24-year-old nonetheless that he’s undeniably smokin’ hot by rocking several woolen suits. Hell, he even makes his new beard work.

In the accompanying article, the Australian actor opens up about living with other ridiculously good-looking people — his brothers Chris and Luke Hemsworth — as kids growing up on Phillip Island.

“We used to fight all the time,” he says. “In the summer holidays we’d live in board shorts and we had a throwing knife, so we’d play this game where you’d have to stand about two metres away from each other and take it in turns to throw it as close to the person’s foot and stick it into the ground. It was really dangerous. I mean, it was kind of blunt, but it would still hurt a lot if it hit you.”

“We used to play that a lot,” he continues. “There were a few cuts and bruises, a few shaves here and there. I think being a young, Australian guy you tend to do those kinds of stupid things.”

And be stupidly hot, apparently.