The Internet Loses Its Sh*t Over Chris Evans Escorting Betty White to Stage at PCAs

The internet has just found its new “it” couple.

It was an act of chivalry that warmed the hearts of nearly everyone watching the 2015 People’s Choice Awards. Captain America himself, Chris Evans, helping Betty White take the stage to accept her award for Favorite TV Icon and the internet went crazy!

Chris Evans and Betty White at the 2015 PCAs

The soon-to-be 93-year-old (her birthday is January 17) won the TV icon award, and Chris Evans hopped out of his seat to help escort Betty White to the stage.

Making her way to accept the award, she opted for the 33-year-old actor instead of the security that was nearby, and Betty was smiling ear to ear.

Accepting her award Betty said, “Can you imagine – the People’s Choice? At 93? I mean, that’s ridiculous. Oh, thank you with all my heart. Thank you.”

Here are some of the tweets that fans posted about the escort moment.





The moment was just too cute.