Instant Follow Friday: Because Justin Bieber Looks Yummy in His Calvins

Bieber's bulge
Justin Bieber strips down to his Calvins
Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein ad campaign just dropped…and it’s reallyyyy hard to deny his sex appeal. Thus, Justin is crowned the honor of this week’s Instant Follow Friday. Beliebers, rejoice.

Before these ads came out, his sex appeal was easy to ignore because it was completely outweighed by how much of a douche he could be for someone so young (re: the pornstache and/or deposition video). And even now, it feels kind of weird to be crushing on someone who, on the one hand, legally can’t even drink alcohol, and on the other hand, had his happy trail totally photoshopped. Ugh.

All that d-bag stuff aside…since he’s following in Nick Jonas’s and Marky Mark’s ever so sizzling and sacred footsteps, let it be known that Justin has officially solidified his status a sex symbol.

Justin’s Instagram is a trying, somewhat poetic, ode to sexiness: the 20-year-old pouts in selfies, channels smoldering facial expressions (which supposedly, maybe, are his bedroom eyes…?), and looks relentlessly pretty but still oh so, so young. Therefore, more often than not, he comes off just plain spoiled, not beefy.

And let’s not forget, he grew out the ‘stache earlier this year, and it was a long, creepy time for fans and critics alike.

However, 2015 is the start of a new era for Justin. The sexy #mycalvins campaign (with 31-year-old model Lara Stone) is a stepping stone into true manly-hood for the Biebs, who looks totally ripped thanks to all those days spent at the gym and his tattos.

The “Baby” singer turns 21 this year, which will be fun. Hopefully, some great new music will at least follow too.

Check out the gallery for the best of Justin’s Instagram, featuring sexy selfies, really unique fashion choices/steetwear/hats (!), and his lifestyle as a young, wealthy and famous pop idol.

Follow him on Instagram @JustinBieber, and on Twitter @JustinBieber.

Below are some of his best tweets!: