Miley Cyrus Gets Robbed For the Third Time: Get the Details!

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Miley Cyrus has been robbed again!

The 22-year-old’s house in Toluca Lake, Calif. was burglarized last month. This is the third time Cyrus has been burglarized! Get all of the details below!

According to TMZ, Cyrus was robbed on Dec. 16, just before the holidays. The intruder ended up taking a lot of Cyrus and her brother’s personal items. They even took Cyrus’ bank card!

It sounds like the police have found the person responsible for the burglary. The site says police have charged Rusty Edward Sellner with, “felony first-degree residential burglary, receiving stolen property and grand theft.”

This is the third time Cyrus has been burglarized. First in Nov. 2013, a thief broke into Cyrus’ house and stole over $100K worth of her personal items, including jewelry.

Then in June 2014, Cyrus was robbed and the thieves stole her Maserati, as well as other personal items.

What do you think about all of the burglaries at Cyrus’ house? Do you think she needs to increase her security? Sound off in the comments!

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