Nicki Minaj Announces ‘My Time Again’, Her New MTV Documentary

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Queen Nicki Minaj is starring in a new documentary for MTV, entitled My Time AGAIN, she revealed on Twitter Thursday night (Jan. 8th)!

A sequel to My Time Now, her 2010 MTV documentary, the teaser trailer gives us a behind-the-scenes look to Nicki’s “emotional roller-coaster”, her super personal LP The PinkPrint, and some lighter moments like when she used to steal bread while working as a waitress!

On Thursday, Nicki Tweeted:

In the trailer, Nicki tells her back-up dancer, “When I was a waitress, we had to steal bread and eat that,” before popping out her hip and acting like a waitress to the laughs of her team, asking “Can I take your order??”.

Nicki MInaj's new MTV documentary 'My Time Again'

The PinkPrint is Nicki’s latest album, and her most emotional to date. Anyone who’s watched The PinkPrint Movie knows how deep Nicki goes in this LP, and her documentary is sure to be an even more intimate look into the rap superstar’s life.

Nicki MInaj's new MTV documentary 'My Time Again'

She talks about high pressure, adversity, inner strength, her breaking point…and being the all-around best female rapper in the industry – plus that scary moment when her back-up got bitten by a snake during the MTV VMA rehearsals (!).

Nicki MInaj's new MTV documentary 'My Time Again'

Nicki Minaj: My Time AGAIN premieres January 18th on MTV at 10 pm.

Watch the trailer for My Time AGAIN in the video above!