Watch Out Britney Spears! Jennifer Lopez Is a Huge Hit in Las Vegas

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Jennifer Lopez is in talks to get her own Las Vegas residency deal, and she just passed a huge test.

Lopez performed in Vegas on New Year’s Eve, and the show was a big success. Watch out Britney Spears, it looks like Lopez is about to take over Vegas!

According to TMZ, Lopez scored $410,000 plus back-end profits from the New Year’s performance. The show was at Caesar’s Palace, and it was sold out.

Though Caesar’s only scored $600K from the performance, they were reportedly happy with the outcome.

This performance was a test to see if Lopez could draw a crowd, and she did. So, it’s looking more and more like she’ll be getting that Vegas residency deal.

To compare profits, Spears makes $475K per show at Planet Hollywood.

What do you think about this news? Are you excited for Lopez to get a Vegas residency deal? Who would you rather see perform: Lopez or Spears? Sound off in the comments!