Taylor Swift’s Island Getaway With Her Famous Friends

Merry Swiftmas!
Taylor Swift made her fans cry...of happiness during her massive holiday extravaganza
No, Taylor Swift is 'happily single'
Taylor Swift went on a day date to Catalina Island…with her BFF’s! Duh.

Taylor, the ladies of Haim (Danielle, Este, and Alana), Lorde, Jaime King, and Gracie Gold (an Olympic figure skater) had a Friday funday on the island, also joined by Taylor’s dad, Scott Swift!

The ladies looked casual yet super stylish as the roamed the streets:

Now introducing the coolest band ever, Haim, with their newest member:

Scott Swift, the newest member of @haimtheband.

Фото опубликовано Taylor Swift (@taylorswift)

The girls are taking over Catalina, one ice cream at a time:

Day trip to Catalina Island⛵️ @taylorswift @lordemusic @haimtheband @jaime_king

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Good times:

Dinner with Scottie Swift and it was delicious x

Ein von Jaime King (@jaime_king) gepostetes Foto am

Taylor, can we please join your crew?!