Celeb Stylist Paul Norton Breaks Down How to Get Golden Globes Winner Gina Rodriguez’s Glam ‘Old Hollywood’ Hair

Golden Globes 2015
All the red carpet arrivals from the show.
The Golden Globes definitely sprung a lot of surprises upon us with some of the winners last night, but one woman we were particularly excited to see take home a trophy is newcomer Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin–who we pinned as one of our biggest breakout stars of 2014 last year.

It was the 30-year-old’s award show debut, and she absolutely blew us away with her style… Most red carpet veterans couldn’t even compete!

So how did she get such a flawless look?  Her hair stylist Paul Norton is breaking it down, and telling us how we can get the same style at home on our own!

As with all red carpet looks, the hair begins with the dress. Gina was styled by Lauren Rodriguez, wearing a Badgley Mischka gown.  Since the dress gives such a classic “Old Hollywood” feeling, Gina and I felt it most suiting to keep consistent by channeling the looks of Old Hollywood glamour embodied by  woman such as Rita Hayworth, Lana TurnerAva Gardner and Jane Mansfield.

Given that the dress exposes the shoulders we knew that romantic, shiney and classic waves were the way to go!

Here’s How to Get It:

Step1: I began Gina’s look on damp hair that had been freshly washed with Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo and Conditioner to remove any brassiness from existing high lights we are growing out.

Step 2:  Knowing I intended on setting Gina’s hair to create a wave that was soft yet would hold all night, I first added Joico Power Whip from roots to ends and blew out the hair with a medium size boar bristle round brush until fully dry.

Step 3:  Once the hair was dry I took 3 large horizontal sections, beginning at the bottom, and sprayed Joico IronClad Thermal Protectant Spray gently throughout each section to protect the hair from the heat.

Step 4:  I then took 2-inch sections beginning in the back in the bottom of the head and with a 1 1/4 inch curling iron I curled each section under. Using larger agitator hair clips, I secured each section in order to cool and create the perfect wave. As I made my way to the top section I gave her a deep side part on her right side and curled all of the hair under and away from the face, continuing to also secure those curls with large alligator hair pins.

Step 5: Once the set was complete, I generously sprayed several coats of Joico JoiMist Medium Styling and Finishing Spray over the entire head in order for it to help set the wave while the hair cooled. Allowing the set to cool insures that each section reforms as actual curls. I then stepped away for about 15 minutes for proper cooling time.

Step 6:  Once I felt as though my set had perfectly cooled and reformed, I began removing the clips and releasing my curls. From the bottom to the top. After every clip was removed I asked Gina to tilt her head back and rest her neck on the back of the chair allowing me the chance to vigorously run my fingers though her hair in a combing fashion breaking up each curl.

Step 7:  Next I put a dime size amount of Joico Crème Wax Texture and Shine in the palm of my hand, rubbing it around, then applying it to Gina’s hair from root to tip, finger combing it all back away from the face.  Then I began to sort of place the hair exactly how I wanted it to lay, paying close attention to her face shape in order to make sure each wave rested at the most flattering point.

Step 8: I then secured the waves with large metal hair pins in order for it to set in that form a little while longer allowing me time to brush back the right side with my baby Mason Pearson and secure it with several black bobby pins.

Step 9:  Finally, I sealed the entire head with Joico Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing spray in order to really insure the voluminous waves would hold all night.  I also spraying some Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Dry Oil Spray for ample shine!

Once the dress was on we all collectively new that this old Hollywood look was certainly the way to go!

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