WATCH: A Sleeping Kaley Cuoco Gets Caught Snoring After Nose Surgery

Kaley's Nose Surgery
Kaley Cuoco undergoes sinus surgery.
Kaley Cuoco’s recent nose surgery is proving to be a problem for her husband.

The Big Bang Theory star, who went under the knife late December, may be breathing better after correcting a longterm sinus problem but her new snoring habit is keeping Ryan Sweeting up at night, according to the actress. During Cuoco’s latest visit to Ellen, she tells the talk show host that her hubby of one year actually filmed her sawing the proverbial logs four nights in a row to prove a point.

“He’s been taking care of me. He’s been amazing. But the week of the surgery I had a lot of medication so I don’t remember a lot of stuff. And I told him I was convinced that I couldn’t sleep,” she explains. “I would wake up every morning complaining, ‘Babe, I’m so tired I didn’t sleep.’ Like complaining. ‘I can’t sleep. I’m definitely not sleeping.'”

“So he said, trust me you’re sleeping. I said I’m not sleeping I’m so tired. So he decided four nights in a row to record me. I’m not a snorer, but he told me. So he took his phone out four nights in a row and recorded my snoring,” she continues. “It’s not a turn on. It’s not been sexy.”

As she did before on Instagram, Cuoco also insists that her sinus surgery was not a cover-up for a secret nose job as suspected.

“I was really addicted to nose spray like Afrin,” the 29-year-old says. “I couldn’t get enough and it was such a problem [that] it ruined my sinus so I had to get it fixed.”