Kendall Jenner Shows Off Butt in Tight Workout Pants: See the Pics!

Kendall's Workout Secrets
How Kendall Jenner gets into shape.
Kendall Jenner is showing off her butt in tight workout pants!

The 19-year-old model was spotted leaving the gym yesterday, (Jan. 12, 2015). While leaving the gym, cameras caught her wearing some very tight workout pants that really showed off her butt! Check out the gallery to see all of the pictures!

It’s no secret that Jenner has an amazing body. We’ve seen her walk the runway, wearing barely any clothes. Plus, remember that bikini selfie she just posted to Instagram? We think it’s safe to say her body is flawless.

But, getting a body like that doesn’t happen without hard work! These new pictures show that Jenner puts in some serious time at the gym to get her gorgeous figure.

Launch the gallery to see all of the pictures of Jenner leaving the gym!

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