‘The Bachelor’ Recap, Week 2: The Top 5 Weirdest Moments

Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor has definitely kicked off on a really weird note.

If we thought the premiere was strange–with Soules giving a rose to one of the drunkest girls of the night and one of the absolute craziest (who ends up getting even more crazy, but we’ll get to that later)–then the week 2 takes things to a whole new level of uncomfortable.

From extreme intoxication to virgins, aliens, zombies and angels, Monday night’s episode was not one to disappoint in the weird department.  Check out the top 5 strangest moments below:

1. Yoga Instructor Kimberly Gets Another Chance. Though we’ve never seen this before in Bachelor history, when Yoga Instructor Kimberly comes back after being denied a rose and tells Chris she just can’t walk away that easily, he lets her stay for week 2. SPOILER ALERT! She gets the boot at the rose ceremony.  Double denial… Awkward.

2. Mackenzie’s Alien-Filled One-on-One Date.  After Chris takes the girls on a date that involves bikinis and tractor racing in Downtown Los Angeles (we know…wtf), he decides to spend sometime with Mackenzie.  She starts the date off by attacking him with questions about his earring holes, telling him he has a big nose, then asking if he believes in aliens.  Oh… And then she drops the bomb that she has a son.  Weirdest. First. Date. Ever.

3. Ashley S. Possibly Suffers a Mental Breakdown.  While on the second group date, which is hunting zombies with paint ball guns, Ashley S. goes nuts… Again.  Not only is she eerily trigger happy with her gun, continuing to shoot at zombies who are already dead (like, hello! Those are PEOPLE in those costumes!), she starts rambling on and on about the “Mesa Verde.”  At one point she sees angels, then proceeds to tell Chris that he “doesn’t want to lose the whole world” but he also “doesn’t to to gain the whole world.”  She also crawls on the ground and begins talking to a stray cat.  There are no other words than WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.

4. Drunk Jordan Thinks Putting on More Lipstick Will Get Her a Kiss.  One thing we learned from this episode is Tara isn’t the only drunk! Jordan, the 24-year-old student, is also very fond of booze.  After going into a deep discussion about Jillian’s harry ass, she gets a little more boozed up and attempts to win a kiss from Chris by putting on extra lipstick and “going in for the kill.”  She missed, he hated it and SPOILER ALERT: She ends up without a rose at the end of the night.

5. Sports Fishing Enthusiast Tara Cries About Getting Denied. We were rooting for you, Tara!  The Sports Fishing Enthusiast really got her act together this week and stepped away from the booze… Or so it seems.  But at the end of the rose ceremony, she went home empty handed and broken hearted.   “I thought Chris was my number one. I did,” she tells the camera with crying eyes.  “I truly thought we had a connection, but I never seem to be anyone’s number one. … I’ll get used to rejection one day. I get it a lot. I don’t know why I’m not used to it yet.” {Insert crying cat emoji here}.

Also Notable:

- At the rose ceremony, when Chris called “Juelia,” Jillian thought it was her name was being called. When she realized the rose wasn’t for her, she tripped over a rug and almost completely ate it . (Luckily she avoided complete embarrassment when she ended up with a rose at the end of the night.)

- Ashley I. says she’s a virgin. However, her eyebrow-raising makeout with Chris was anything but innocent.

- Speaking of making out, Chris kissed at least 5 girls (that we counted) in the full episode… Yikes.  He also wore a half-zipped blue sweatshirt without a shirt underneath, revealing his hairy chest, and it was weird.

- Tara, Tandra, Jordan, Alissa and Kimberly all got sent home. Boo hoo.

PS: Did anyone else notice The Virgin Ashley I.’s bathing suit was see-through?  Pretty sure I saw her whole vajayjay.